The firm was founded in 1992. It is a business - service company. In the sphere of business activity, the firm
supplies electromotors in operation spectrum 2W - 200kW, electromotors for dental technics, gear - boxes,
gear - units, speed sensors and speed relay. We add equipments, spare parts and specific electro- components.

  In the sphere of service activity we target from ordinary to general repair of eccentric press. Maximum press
4000KN. We also repair other types of forming technique-tin snips, stamping press, sheet metal folders, unwind
reels, levelling machines, feeding machines. We offer repair of hydraulic press.Providing ordinary and medium
repairs, no general repairs or modernization. The next pririty of our activity is: coplex service about forming
technique, contractual relations with our customers, where we take charge of completely service - what takes
the machines, we add spare parts and provide preventive technique inspections to prevent accident and demage.
This activity has been providing for more than 10 years. We belong to the first companies that provides it.

So we need not point out all the advantage.


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